A browser is an application used to surf the Internet. On your desktop computer probably already familiar with using browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer. On the iPad, you can use the Safari browser which is the default browser on the iPad. Apple’s Safari is the browser and offers intuitive internet browsing capabilities and no less enjoyable than surf the Internet on your laptop / desktop computer. Apple’s Safari browser continues to develop capabilities across devices, be it on Mac, iPhone, including the iPad. The latest version Safari has over 250 superior features such as display Cover Flow for a website (such as the album view in iTunes), sync with iCloud service, the ability to render web pages better, support for the standards of the latest in the world of web development such as HTML5 and CSS3, etc.

Here are some tips for better internet browsing using Safari browser:

  • Click twice on one part of the web page to quickly zoom in to that section of the screen. Make a double click again to return the screen to display the zoom original.
  • Click on a link to immediately open up and get to a page that is connected to that link. Click and hold on a link rather longer to open the choices associated with that link, like open in a new tab page.
  • Click the small icon next to the web page to open options related to a web page that, like put it to your bookmarks / favorites, send the web address via e-mail, print pages, share the page to social services, media, or send a shortcut page to home screen that is more accessible than the initial appearance of the iPad.

In addition to Safari, in fact there are many other browser applications that can be installed on the iPad. Please try to download and install several browsers below to get a different Internet browsing experience on the iPad.

  • Atomic Browser – Browsing in full screen mode, open multiple pages at once in different tabs, accessing the data in your Dropbox storage.
  • Browser Duo – Open the two web pages at once and view them side by side on the screen of your iPad while in landscape orientation mode.
  • iLunascape – Access your tabs and menu buttons at the bottom of the screen, where your thumb normally is when it is operate the iPad.
  • Safe Browser – Filter content and web pages so that children can be safer in browsing the internet.

Whichever browser you use, you will get internet browsing experience is different, unique, and more fun while surfing the Internet on the iPad. The combination of the keyboard on the screen and a navigation page that actually uses touch technology makes you feel a different browsing experience. iPad has made surfing the internet easier and better to do wherever you are.


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