Knowing Subject Cycle and MacBook Battery care

Lots of Mac users who think and make the Cycle Count Battery as a standard battery of health itself.

In fact, CC (Cycle Count) just as an indicator to see how often the battery in charge. Not as a benchmark view of battery health. Many cases where the cycle count only the tens, but the battery health has reached 50%, which ultimately affect the kekutaan and durability of the battery. Conversely, many Mac that has taken hundreds of CC and battery health remained at 80%, which is certainly its battery life is better than the Mac that CC battery her a bit with bad health.

All that because of the way the care and use of the battery itself. Key to the resilience of the battery are:
1. Never let the battery drain in a state too long (Abis total)
2. Do not over do the calibration of battery
3. Do not use a Mac on the surface that can not be off the heat (pillows, mattresses, etc.)

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