For the problem of early and late Macbook Pro 2011 Macbook Pro Vga thermal overheat make gpu on logicboard Faulty often enter into Apple-lab and we want will explain what the problem is and we can do to fix it.

This problem only occurs on a Macbook Pro early and late 2011 in 15 and 17 inch model only. Macbook Pro who has cpu sandy bridge i5 or i7 (2nd gen) equipped with dual vga that is AMD and Intel. Problem Macbook Pro Vga thermal overheat make gpu on logicboard Faulty caused by routing on logicboard which makes logicboard really hot and damage the new vga though. The first time we also feel strange why only for this model each time after replaced a new vga, the same problem will appear. Jasa Service At Apple-lab we are using only the new chipset and orignal! Well it turns out it is a factory product problems and in America it has become a Class A lawsuit to apple support to more than 25,000 owners of the Macbook Pro. The good news is that if Apple recognizes this and accept exchange the unit back in Southeast Asia, if you who have a Macbook Pro early and late 2011 was able to get a new logicboard free with a 3 month warranty ūüôā

Solutions for Macbook pro vga thermal overheat make gpu on logicboard broken . We can replace the new vga . We also will create a bypass path (more than 20 lines) directly to the intel graphics. there are 3 disadvantages:

1. You do not get as good performance as AMD Vga
2. Vga memory shared with your RAM memory
3. You can not adjust the brightness of the light of the Macbook Pro lcd screen

Since end of 2014 there is recall program for macbook pro 15″ 17″ production 2011 claim warranty only for those with vga problem. However The recall Program only allows those unit bought 3 year from the date of purchase .

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